Saturday, July 6, 2013

Snapshot Saturday!

I love this new{isn} linky party by Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera!

Most of my pictures this week are oldies, but goodies. :) Here's a window into my life. 

I thought I liked these gel sticker strips, but for some reason this set is not lasting. However, I love the red with the leopard hearts. :) The thing I do love about the stickers is that it gives me the freedom to do a little fancy nail art aka the hearts! :)

This beautiful Mac was my birthday/graduation present from my mom. (This picture was taken in a hotel, those curtains are NOT hanging in my home.) This bad boy is my favorite thing. I also found a textured case! I couldn't be happier with this computer. 

Throw back pictures:

This was one of two student work displays I concocted while student teaching. The cloud says: "Our Class Garden: I can identify the parts of a plant." So these precious flowers are made from handprints, and then there are tiny labels to identify the parts of the plant. You can't really see the roots, but trust me, they were precious! 

These little guys were probably my favorite thing I made this fall. I made one little zombie/skeleton man for each of my coworkers/bosses. Right after snapping this picture, I walked out of the room for two seconds and I came back to Molly licking their feet. ALL of my little cookies were ruined. So my boyfriend and I spent the evening snacking on their heads. HA Talk about creepy. :) 

I love fall! These are the prettiest cupcakes I've ever made! I bought a frosting tube (is that what it's called...I'm not really sure...) and it led to these yummy looking (and tasting!) cupcakes. 

This is the fireplace in our current apartment, unfortunately our new townhouse doesn't have one. :( This is the one and only thing I like about our apartment. 

Last but not least, these are two of my favorite people. The guy creeping in the back is my boyfriend ;) and my best friend Alex is on the right. She was my (potluck) freshman year roommate and we've been best friends ever since! 

Is anyone else ready for fall and pumpkin spiced lattes?! Thanks to Hobby Lobby setting up their Christmas section, I've even found myself humming "Joy to the World." :) Bring on the cooler weather! (And the students, I cannot wait to meet my first class!)

Have a great Saturday! 



  1. Thanks for linking up. Great snapshots. I LOVE fall and I'm still great friends with my potluck roommate in college. :)

  2. I love your pictures!!

  3. I love your pics! Can't wait to see your new class in action this fall!

  4. What a fun post! I love that little cheetah heart on your nail! I also loved the fall treats; so creative (and yummy looking). I noticed the Christmas stuff at The Lob the other day! My daughter is excited; she loves all their fake trees that they put out on display.

    Primarily Speaking

  5. Love the pictures! The cover on your mac is fantastic! Where did you find THAT? And your skeleton cookies are just too cute! I might have to 'steal' that idea!

    Life in Room 24

    1. I got it at an Apple store in Dallas, but I checked online to see if I could get the same one for my mom, and I couldn't find it! It was a lucky find!

  6. Love the nail art...I need. I can totally hang with stickin' a sticker on my finger. It's applyin' paint that I have difficulty with.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. cute nails and delicious goodies!