Thursday, July 4, 2013

Drum Roll Please...

I have finally joined the TPT world as a seller! Well, I guess not technically as a seller, because it's a freebie!

My first product! 

I love these apples from Ashley Hughes and the great fonts from Ms. Third Grade!
With these two great resources, I have created these Wish List Apples. There are several small apples, and each one contains one wish list item for the classroom. Don't see the items you want donated to your classroom? No problem! I'll make apples for you if you shoot me an email with the items you want.

So I have to admit that I'm a little terrified about this whole thing. But hey! It's a marathon, not a race...right? So now my first product is out on it's own in TPT world. Hopefully it's something you can use and LOVE...and leave feedback on? ;)
Happy Fourth of July!

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