Friday, June 28, 2013

Five For Friday

Joining in on Five for Friday! This is my very first linky party and I really have no idea what I'm doing. But Fake it 'till you make it! Right? Right?! 

1. I am so whiney. I mean, I'm always a little whiney, but right now I'm in full on three year old mode. I had my wisdom teeth out, and between all the medicine and the fact that my teeth were ripped out of my mouth, I am sick AND in pain. (Too much pain and too sick to work...but not enough to keep me from my computer...Sorry I'm not sorry.) 

2. I am working on my very first TPT product! Seriously y'all, I haven't even upgraded to a seller account yet. But I desperately want to follow the footsteps of the amazing bloggers I've followed for a couple years now, so I've got to get started. :) I'm making "I can..." statements based off of the TEKS for my classroom. During student teaching we used the TAP rubric and this was one of my weakest points. I do think it's important that students understand my objectives for them. Sooooo....keep your eyes peeled for my first products! 

3. So far these pain meds have caused me to shop A LOT on TPT. I bought (in my defense they were ALL on sale!):
4. I absolutely love all the cute teacher stools all over pinterest, and I have almost bought a stool several times now, they're about $17 at Target and Walmart. BUT I'm moving soon! And it seems silly to buy something big(ish) just before moving. And then I found out we don't get our first pay checks until the end of September (insert budget freak out HERE) and I knew I had to think of something else. Well I have two wooden chairs that I got from my mom that I redid a few years ago (think blue and lime green with precious bright floral fabric...I swear they're precious), and I'm going to use those! One to be my "teacher chair" and the other will probably be in our library. So hopefully I can start that this weekend and post pictures soon.  

5. Clipboards! 
Okay, so apparently every other teacher in Lubbock is decorating clip boards because suddenly Dollar Tree has none. And not just one Dollar Tree y'all, two of them! I'm going bananas! How am I suppose to decorate clipboards if someone else is buying them all. --End Rant Here-- I'm going to stay optimistic and go check again this weekend. :) 

Have a fabulous weekend!
Looney for Third

PS: Can anyone recommend a good blog design person?

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